Hotel & Accommodation

There are many hotels ranging from the first class to less expensive in HoChiMinh City. Please contact the preferred hotels for a reservation using the following website addresses. Current information of the hotel price in Ho Chi Minh City can be referenced as follows:





Website address

Telephone No.


Distance from Tan Son Nhat International Airport





Hotel Continential Saigon

132 - 134 Dong Khoi St., Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Tel: (84.8) 38 299 201 - Fax: (84.8) 38 290 936


10 km


+90 ®


Bong Sen

117 Dong Khoi, Dist.1

Tel: 84 8 38291721; Fax: 84 8 38298076

10 km

70 ®


Huong Sen


66 Dong Khoi, Dist 1

Tel: 84 8 38291415; Fax: 84 8 38290916


10 km


60 ® 70



All participants will be picked up by organization committee’s car from your hotels to Nong Lam University during the time of the Workshop. The transportation from Tan Son Nhat International Airport to hotels might be provided by Nong Lam University cars or you can take the airport taxi service at the rate around of 5 ~10 USD from the airport to HCMC downtown.

Detailed information about Ho Chi Minh city is posted at the website 

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