The 3rd  International Workshop on Advanced Plasma Technology and Applications - Agriculture and Bio Technology By Plasma – (The 3rd IWAPTA workshop) will be held at the Nong Lam University, Hochiminh City, Vietnam, on January 11-14, 2017. The workshop is co-organized by the Nong Lam University Hochiminh city, Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam, and the Asian Joint Committee for Advanced Plasma Science and Engineering.


Research and education on “Plasma Technology” has advanced rapidly over the some last decades through many dedicated individuals and teams efforts, with direct impact now extending into various fields in both science and engineering. This workshop is continuity with “The 2nd Asian International Workshop on Advanced Plasma Technology and Applications” was held in Chiang Mai University, Thailand on 22-23rd February, 2016.


The workshop is intended to provide a forum for researchers and educators around the Asia region to exchange the state-of-the-art of Plasma research and development, speacilly Plasma for Agriculture and Bio Technology.

Call for papers:

The workshop will consist of keynote lectures and paper presentations. The papers will be compiled and distributed to the participants in the workshop documents. There will also be some plenary lectures presented by experts in Plasma Technology.


Publication schedule:

·         Submission of presentation files:

 December, 30th 2016  

Publication in the workshop documents is not guaranteed if materials are received after January 2nd, 2017.



Plenary Speakers


There will be some plenary and inivted speakers from Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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