- Training curriculum of Agricultural engineering field aims at bringing to students basic knowledge in order to develop totally.
- Having moral quality,   enough health to take part and defend nation
-Having basic knowledge of mechanical engineers
- Having theoretical level combined technique-economy-politic
- Having been equipped industrial knowledge to serve and develop rural areas as a whole.
- After graduating, Agricultural Engineering engineers are able to lecturers at Universities, Colleges, Technical schools that belong to mechanical speciality or working at mechanical areas generally, and mechanical fields serving for developing rural area, manufacturing enterprises, processing feed stuff, processing farm-forestry products, importing and exporting machinery enterprises.
- Number of studying students: 100
- Number of graduated students: 1000
- Training facilities: including two workshops: Using machinery workshop and Farm machinery workshop.
- Training capability : 50 students/year
Machines- equipments for mechanization and producing plants
- Chisel plow CANN-4 (working width: 2.2 m; plowing depth: 30 cm, combined with tractor 50 Hp)
- Liquid sprayer used to devastate grasshopper and protect plants (the maximum spraying height: 12 m, the maximum spraying distance: 50 m, combined with tractor 50 Hp)
- Corn thresher without peeling corn (capacity: 3 T/hr, the broken and unthreshed grain ratio ensured the desired requirement, engine power: 18 Hp)
- Standard disk plow used for preparing the tillage of sugar cane (working width: 1,2 m; plowing depth: 30 cm, combined with tractor 90 Hp)
- Sugar cane cultivator type one row and two rows (cultivating sugar cane in phase 1, 2, 3 with row distance 1.4 m)
- Muck residue spreader

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