Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering


- Major name:               Mechanical Engineering

- Major code:                9252013

- Degree:                      Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

- Diploma:                    PhD in Mechanical Engineering


1.1 Knowledge

Having in-depth, advanced, and comprehensive knowledge in the field of training; being independent and creative in research; mastering core and essential values in academia; developing the principles and theories of the research discipline; having general knowledge about the law, organization of environmental management and protection; Having modern mindset in organizing professional work and research to resolve complex problems.

1.2 Skills

-   Possessing skills to detect and analyze complex problems and come up with creative solutions to solve problems; creating new knowledge in the field of expertise; being capable of establishing national and international cooperation networks; being able to synthesize intellects, leading expertise to handle regional and international issues.

-   Being proficient in a foreign language to understand complex reports and abstract topics, including academic exchanges in specialized fields; being able to communicate and exchange about academics in foreign languages fluently; Being able to write scientific, and specialized reports; Being able to explain his or her point of view on a problem, and analyze his views on the choice of different options.

1.3 Autonomy and Responsibility

Being able to troubleshoot and resolve problems; drawing out principles and rules in the process of resolving issues; coming up with valuable initiatives and being able to evaluate them; being able to adapt to the international integration working environment; having the leadership skill and influence on the strategic development direction of the collective; being capable of making recommendations of leading experts with solid scientific and practical arguments; Being able to plan on working schedules, manage research activities, develop knowledge, new ideas, new processes