- Major name:  Mechanical Engineering – Research based

- Diploma: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

1. Program Objectives

1.1 General goal

Master of Engineering emphasizes delivering both basic and specialized knowledge, as well as being able to do professional and scientific research on their independently. In addition to that, the program also focuses on self-developing skills to resolve the practical problem related to Mechanical Engineering, especially in the field of agro-forestry mechanized machines and equipment, and renewable energy engineering. After completing the program, one is capable of working at intermediate schools, colleges, universities, and institutions and participating in professional projects; as well as being English-competence.

1.2 Program objectives

Master of science in Mechanical Engineering will equip students with the specific objectives as follows:

-   Being able to master and apply specialized knowledge in engineering, especially in the field of agriculture, forestry, processing, preservation of agricultural products and food or Renewable Energy Engineering. Capable of applying knowledge of mechanical engineering to practical production, and work; updating, detecting and proposing research problems in mechanical engineering.

-   Being able to apply professional skills proficiently, analysis, synthesis, problem- solving in reality, and international integration.

-   Forming the work ethics, awareness of environmental protection and responsibility in society as well as respecting the laws and partners.