Automatic Control Department
Training Activities
          Based on the Decision No. 4094/QĐ-BGD&ĐT-ĐH issued on 2003, August 4th by President of MOET.
·        Department’s training target is to train engineer cruises major in automatic control that can apply influently in agriculture field, such as: know how to apply trained knowledge in agriculture like planting, caring, harvesting, processing, preserving or storing; in breeding, aquaculture breeding, and processing cattle’s food. Especially in processing agricultural products in order to increase productivity and reduce products’ price.
·        To be able to exploit operation systems and equipments.
·        To be able to apply new technology development to create new gadgets or equipments.
·        To be able to design or create control system for technology line.
·        To be able to organize and mobilize deploy maintaince, repairation, improvement, upgrading production systems in process.
·        To be able to update new knowledge , raise level , to be suitable to job requirement.
·        Enrollment candidate:
     Students who graduated from high school and passed the entrance exam of MOET education program, have good knowledge about mathematics, physics, have good skill in creativity, passionate in studying and science.
      Process students from College major in Engineering, Electrical-Electronic, Engineering Electronic, Automatic Control.
·        Formal credit education program includes 2 phases:
-         Phase 1: general subjects for fundamental Engineering of technology.
-         Phase 2: fundamental and main specialized subjects in engineering and automatic control department with subject practising, practise at manufacturing factory, graduation plan for well to good students and graduation examination for average to well students.
-         Time for doing Graduation plan is equivalent to 10 credits.
·        Besides, short-term training in topic for operation workers and as demands for individual and team. Such as:
-         To design and program control system in PLC.
-         To design and program control system in Micro-controller.
-         To design and program control system on computer in PC card interface.
Research activities
-         Lecturers’ researches:
· Research the applications of automatic control to apply in agriculture-forest-aquaculture and seafood production industry in order to increase product quality, productivity of factory and economic effect of process-production in process.
· Study way to apply automatic control into agriculture field to increase raw product quality and labor productivity.
· Research to widen automatic control into farmer life.
· Study new technology in the world to gain age tech.
-         Students’ researches:
· Research on new topics and thesis which is applied automatic control in agriculture.
· Student practice controlled module in the groups.
· Set up study grogram on PC Card interface, PLC, Micro-controller applications in possessive production control for students.
· Study and discuss on advanced technology in the world.
· Research for making robots in order to join the Robocon Contest brought by VTV and mobilized by NongLamUniversity.

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