The DOM offers a Bachelor Degree Program in Mechatronics Engineering.
The main objective of the Mechatronics Engineering program is to provide an integrated education combining of mechanical, electrical, control and computer engineering disciplines.
The graduates of Mechatronics Engineering program acquire the needed skills in researching, designing and using complex mechatronic systems including hardware and software components in the modern industry.
The curriculum for this program provides students thorough knowledge in mathematics, basic engineering sciences as well as specialized knowledge and skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, control and instrumentation, analog and digital systems, robotics and automation, mechatronic systems engineering.
There are new-equipped laboratories of the mechatonics department and the automation department to enhance the teaching of courses in this exciting and innovative engineering discipline.
The DOM has a very important mission to promote training and education as well as research and development in the especially fields of agricultural engineering, bio-engineering and food engineering.
After 3 - years established, the DOM acquired and transferred the research works as following:
-          Technology and equipment for poultry processing (golden cup of Techmart Vietnam 2007, Vifotec award 2007).
-          Equipment for monitoring, measuring and controlling in processing of farm and food products. (Governed by Hochiminh city).
-          Advanced greenhouse (transferred to Quang Ngai).
-          The System of automatic bioreactor (being tested at the institute of bio-technology, Nonglam University).

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