(Engineering Heat and Refrigeration Technology)
1. Introduction:
            Department of Heat Refrigeration Technology was established on September 18th, 2002 by Decision No.175/QD-TCHC Director of University of Agriculture and Forestry HCMC.
            Industry of Heating and Refrigeration Technology was established on August 04th, 2003 by Decision No.4094/QD/BGD&ĐT from Ministry of Education and Training.
Training Engineering of Heat and Refrigeration Technology by course of 4 years.
2. Organization:
Dean of Department: Prof., Dr. Nguyen Hay.
Lecturers: 07
3. Training Objectives:
            Training program of Heating and Refrigeration Technology University graduates to equip students with the quality of political, moral, sensible serving people with health, with knowledge and practical skills in Heat and Refrigeration field, mainly:
Ability to manage, operate, design process technology, design repairs, management organization directed the production, maintenance and repair of machines – equipment, and the common Heat - Refrigeration systems.
Ability to work in the manufacturing, trading, construction, administrative science – technology - related Heating Technology, electric heat, Refrigeration  and air-conditioning, or visit and teaching or research in research institutes, training of engineers, technical personnel and workers from the field of Heat and Refrigeration Technology.
Number of Students Included: 234
Number of graduates: 45 (2008)
4. Active scientific research:
ü      The research results of fan used in the industry, agriculture.
ü      The results of pumping.
ü      Results of research on substance use and volume, source of waste materials in agriculture as a fuel.
ü      Types of agricultural dryers, the Food: label rice, fish, cotton scrub, Gac fruit...
ü      Cold dryer, vacuum dryer, drying floors boiling...
ü      Ventilation warehouse, and  Breeding facilities...
5. The projects.
1. Research design, manufacture and test of machines to turn over and put down in 2 row and 1 row for sugarcane.
2. Research design, manufacture, test and in the transfer of anchovy fish dryers 300kg/batch drying in Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan.
3. Applications mechanize of sugarcane in the province of Tay Ninh.
4. Research design and manufacture production lines Hu Tieu dry 1ton/hour in Tien Giang province.
5. Survey to investigate current status and strategic direction of electrical equipment agriculture in Ninh Thuan province.
6. Research design and manufacture in continuous centrifugal dryers and floor boiling line for processing the salt 3 tons/hour.
7. Research design and manufacture model dryers salt methods in drying floor boil.
6. Photos:

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