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Faculty of Engineering – Technology ( FET) will become one of the leading Faculties in training, scientific research and technology transfer in the field of mechanical engineering, especially in the Agricultural and Bio-system Engineering and the Preservation Processing Engineering for Agro-food products.


Educating the young human resources have knowlegde, skills, attitudes, and physical strength in order to integrate with the regional and world working environment in the field of mechanical engineering - technology.

- Implementing scientific research, technology transfer and international cooperation in the field of mechanical engineering - technology in order to apply to production, especially in the field of agriculture and rural development.

Strategic Goal

Constantly improving the educational quality in order to educate the learners have knowledge – virtue ability, skills, and physical strength that meet the required quality in the field of mechanical engineering - technology at the national, regional and world standards level. The Faculty will be a reliable, reputable and prestigious partner in educating, scientific research and technology transfer at the country and abroad in the field of engineering - technology.

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