Ø  The history of Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology was established on 1965 with the initial name is the Department of Agricultural Engineering in Saigon Agriculture, Forestry, and Animal College (1963), Vietnam National Agricultural Center (1968), National Institute of Agriculture (1972) and the University of Agriculture (1974). After the reunification day in 1975, the Department of Agricultural Engineering was reorganized to establish the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering under the Decision of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on December 8, 1976. In 1993, with the development of faculty and the demand of supporting high level manpower from production, the faculty has been renamed as the Faculty of Engineering and Technology up to now.


Ø  Vision:

            Faculty strives to become one of a leading faculty for education and research in engineering & technology, especially in the field of agricultural and forestry mechanical engineering and agricultural product processing technology in the southern Viet Nam. Faculty would be the environment friendly, creativity and internationally for study and research of undergraduate and graduate students.


Ø  Missions

- Educating the high quality human resources in areas of mechanical engineering and technology in order to meet the demands of agricultural industrialization and modernization and rural development as well as to integrate in international labor environment.

- Conducting scientific research and technology transfer in areas of mechanical engineering and technology in order to apply in production and contribute to agricultural industrialization and modernization and rural development.

- Carrying out the collaboration and development in the multilateral and bilateral relationship to faculties and departments of mechanical engineering of ASEAN, Asia-Pacific and worldwide universities in the areas of training, lecturer exchange, student internship, scientific research and technology transfer.  


Ø  Human resources and facilities


The faculty has equipped 8 workshops and 5 practical laboratories serving for all skill training in different programs. Moreover, the faculty has a library within more than 700 Vietnamese and English books and internet free accessing to serve for self-study of undergraduate and graduate students. Faculties comprise of 45 lecturers including 1 Professor, 5 Associate Professor, 8 Ph.D, 12 senior lecturers and 26 Master holders educated from prestigious universities in the different countries such as Australia, Czech Republic, South Korea, Taiwan, , Thailand, The Philippines, and United of America… Presently, there is 7 faculties have been trained in some foreign countries at PhD level.


The faculties and staffs of faculty in 2015

Faculty has received many honor awards: National Labor Medal – 3rd grade; Honor certificates from Prime Minister, Minister of Ministry of Education and Training and People’s Committee Ho Chi Minh city. 


Faculty Dean:

-         Dean : Ass.Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Huy Bích

Email: nhbich@hcmuaf.edu.vn

-         Vice Dean: MSc. Nguyễn Văn Công Chính              

Email: chinhck@hcmuaf.edu.vn                                     


Contact Address

         Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Tel: +84-8-3960721 – 37240024                Fax: +84-8-37240020

Email: kck@hcmuaf.edu.vn              Website: http://fme.hcmuaf.edu.vn

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